Sunday, August 5, 2007

Moment in Time

Well, Rebecca over at ScrapFreak has challenged us to blog about ten things that are on my mind right this I did just get up, but I'm sure there is already at least 10 things swirling through my brain.

7:00 AM
1. I need to get dressed and ready to go to Walmart.
2. I want to watch my movie today.
3. I don't want to cook dinner.
4. My coffee is too hot.
5. I could go back to bed.
6. I need to pick DT Layout of the Day at the Shack.
7. I need to add mailing envelopes to my Walmart list.
8. I have to get two layouts done today.
9. I don't know where to start on my school days tag album I have to make for a newsletter.
10. I hope today is just relaxing, and I get to scrap and do nothing.

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