Saturday, July 7, 2007

Holiday Road

I love the movie Vacation, and since we're heading on our summer vacation soon, I thought an appropriate topic to talk about today would be my top 5 vacation memories.....of which there are many.

and these are not in any specific order
1. a 48 hour whirlwind tour of D.C. with my college roommate- and that included driving time from Florida.....but we had a blast....I loved walking through the National Gallery the best.
2. our trip to San Antonio a few years ago...just Jose and kid...I absolutely loved the history and beauty of the Alamo and its grounds...and we went out every night and drank, danced, and partied like we were young again and in college....went to Howl at the Moon, Durty Nelly's pub, and an awesome 70s/80s nightclub
3. Cumberland Island with my parents- I have never forgotten taking the ferry over and walking around the ruins on the was so peaceful and beautiful
4. New Orleans- I could have just sat at Cafe du Monde all day and people watched and enjoyed my coffee and beignets.
5. all of our camping trips to Anastasia Island in St. Augustine as I was growing up......that is probably my favorite place I've ever been.....I love the history.....the beach......the French bakery we always stopped at...campfires...playing card and board games....taking afternoon naps in the trailer.....I could go on and on.

And this is just the tip of the I've sat here writing this and thinking about all the trips I've taken in my 33 years......I realize how lucky I've been to get to travel and experience as much as I have....and that I was blessed to have parents who loved to travel and knew the importance of passing that on to their children. So thanks Mom and Dad! And here's to many more adventures!!!


Kim said...

Love the stories here Amanda! Sounds like you traveled a lot too! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!!

Tam said...

Sounds like you are having a blast!!!'ve been tagged!!! Check it out over at my crazy world!!:)

Kip said...

I've been to most of your vacation spots and agree, they are wonderful!!