Friday, June 15, 2007

My Father's challenge is to talk about our own I'm going to post this layout I recently did using the yummy Scenic Route background grid papers....with some journaling I did about my dad. It's titled Not Much of a Daddy's Girl...or am I? and the journaling goes like this- I've always loved my dad, but growing up, let's just say I was more of a Momma's Girl. My dad has a very strong personality and his and mine clashed. At times, I would even say I was scared of him simply because he has a loud voice and I didn't like getting in trouble. I didn't like the classical music he cranked up full blast in the house. I didn't like the clothes and shoes he made me wear. And so on.
But as the years passed, my admiration, respect, and love for him has grown immensely. I now look back and appreciate all the vacations he made sure we went on. All the new experiences he made sure we had. And I even love classical music and penny loafers now. In fact, maybe one of the reasons we clashed so much is because we are very similar. On many occasions, I have found myself saying " That sounds like my dad".
As every year has gone by, my relationship with my dad has grown stronger and more special. I've enjoyed getting to know him better from an adult's perspective. I've enjoyed watching my husband and son's relationship with him build and grow. As I am in the "prime" of my life and he is in his "golden years", I've realized that I need to cherish each and every moment I have with him and pass on all the lessons he taught me. I guess I am becoming a Daddy's Girl.

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