Thursday, June 14, 2007

Round 6....Will it be good enough to make the finals?

Here's my layout for Round 6 of the ScrapLovers contest. All that is left is the finalist round and then the winner will be announced. This week's challenge was to scrap "our style". Even though I love to do a variety of work, I went with Hip Vintage/Shabby Chic. Hidden journaling says- Even though Aunt Virginia was my great aunt, I grew up knowing her as none other than “Aunt Virginia”. You would have thought that she was my grandmother, at times, from the way she spoiled all of us kids. She left us just over five years ago, in Feb. of 2002, but the many fond memories I have of times spent with her will live on in my mind forever.
She made the absolute, best egg salad sandwiches I have ever tasted.
I loved her cute, little house on Court St. filled with antiques, especially her spinning wheel.
Her kitchen was full of anything and everything with strawberries on it.
Her yard was impeccable year round and I used to love rolling down the small hill she had in the backyard.
She used to love to walk down the street to the fairgrounds and have a picnic.
She used to always have Mallomar cookies.
Every once in a while, she would pull out her Ginny doll and let me play with it.
And probably my fondest memory is this– every time we would go to visit her house, I would run up the front sidewalk and ring the doorbell. I would then hide in the corner as she opened the door and she always pretended she didn’t see me and acted surprised when I jumped out to scare her.
She truly was a special lady who I miss dearly!


Tam said...

Good luck Amanda! This LO is fantastic! I love your style

Rachael said...

Beautiful!! Good luck!