Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who Doesn't Love Toys?

As an adult, my "toys" range from my wonderful scrappy supplies and tools to playing the Wii to surfing the Internet. But what about those toys I had as a kid. I had lots of favorite toys. In fact, some of them I still have packed away for safe keeping and strolling down memory lane every once in awhile. Without further ado, here are my top 5 childhood toys.

1. I loved my dolls and stuffed animals. I would often stage tea parties with them.
2. I loved Slinkies....although it got to where my mom and dad wouldn't buy me any more because within the first couple of hours I would have it so tangled and stretched that it was unusable.
3. My all time favorite book was called Mickey Mouse's Picnic. I have many fond memories of my mom reading that to me.
4. I loved riding my bike.
5. And last but not least, I adored my Barbie dolls. I would set up makeshift houses for them using my dad's record albums for walls....kind of like a large scale house of cards. A little funny...my dad used to have this deep blue, glass ashtray...I remember that was always Barbie's "hot tub".


Lisa said...

Hey I also made houses for my Barbies out of these slender encyclopedia "books of knowledge"...they made EXCELLENT walls! And I used old peanut butter lids for ponds in the courtyard!
Good job with the blog...looks great!

Terrie said...

lol good memories! tfs!

Jenelle said...

I had Barbies too! My sister & I shared a Barbie town house, Barbie catamarran and a Barbie bath! Barbie's were great but I was always losing the shoes lol!